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PC: PRR/PC boxcar in Weirton

Back in July, I was in Weirton, WV, doing some steel mill and NS action. 
While photographing a coke train that had just arrived at the yard in 
Weirton, a Weirton Steel switcher came out into the yard with a string of 
what I believe to be boxcars used for in-plant service. (Not sure what they 
carry in them). Many of them are missing their doors.

Anyway, I found the boxcar next to the locomotive in this picture to be of 
interest to PRR and PC fans:


That morning, I was standing on the shoulder of U.S. 22 in Weirton with one 
of my railfan buddies, watching this NS train pull in. He couldn't 
understand why I was freaking out over that old boxcar. (Obviously he's not 
a PC or Pennsy fan.)

That boxcar appears to be very similar to this X58 boxcar in its PC days:


I believe there were many PRR X58s that got the "green keystone" treatment, 
so I'm not implying these two pictures are of the exact same car. Anyway, 
know that some PC boxcars are still soldiering on out there!

Also, Weirton Steel has what appears to be a G39 ore car laying on its side 
in what I think is their car repair facility. You can see if off of the 
bridge that crosses over their tracks and through the middle of the mill on 
the north side of downtown Weirton.


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