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Re: PC: PC GP9 at Morgan Run


    You are correct. I am a member of the Beaver Valley Jct Chapter that
got the NKP Caboose. Actually, WE were in line for all 3 pieces that
were at Wellsburg, WV.  But that group that had them then turned around
and donated the 2 locos to the group near Elkins. They then asked NS for
the help in moving them to their  site. NS wouldn't touch them due to
the Alco having retreads, not sure why they couldn't move the PC GP.
They then gave up and Jerry J got into the picture. I guess it is all in
who you know and what favor is owed to who but the end result is they
ended up at Morgan Run. The little guy looses again.  He took them
because he didn't want to see them cut up. We could have hauled  the GP
out of Wellsburg by truck like we did the NKP but $7500.00 was a bit too
much for our Chapter's kitty.
Oh well.....Gary  


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