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Re: PC: Dynamic Brakes on Units and SD40Bs

  Not ALL U-25s had D/B The 26 Ex New Haven U-Boats didn't have it.
That is an easy fix just cut the D/B resistors out of the rear B 4 you put 
the grill on.
 They were numbered 2660 to 85. The first 10 were Ph-2 Big window
The last 16 had the split window or Ph-4.
 The ALCO C-425s didn't have D/B The, NH didn't have it on the (new power)
 The PC numbers were 2450 to 59. They didn't have the big fuel tank,
Both air tanks were on the Engineer's side , Battery boxes were under the 
frame near the rear on the Fireman's side. That being said no boxes under the cab.
just 2 steps up from the walkway.
 Hope this helps,

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