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Re: PC: Major web site announcement

On Mon, 01 Sep 2003 23:36:27 -0400 Jerry Jordak <jer -AT- smellycat.com>
> Due to quirks in some web browsers, the pages may not 
> look completely right on everyone's PC. I tested it with 
> IE 5.5 and Mozilla 1.4. Everything works fine in IE 5.5, 
> and most pages look OK in Mozilla. If you're using a 
> really old browser, though, and can't get it to work, 

It doesn't look right with Netscape 7.0 and that isn't exactly 
an old browser. And that was just the heading on the home 
page. Oh, well. Everyone is supposed to bow at the altar 
of  the Microsoft God aren't they.

Roger Hensley - KC9EJI

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