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PC: Major web site announcement

Hi everyone,

My personal Penn Central web site, informally known as the "Penn Central 
Railroad Home Page," is no more. Tonight, it was replaced by a redesigned 
and reengineered web site with a new name: Penn Central Railroad Online. 
While most of the content is the same as before, I have given the site a 
much-needed facelift to bring it into the 21st century, along with improved 
navigation and some reorganization to make the site easier to use. 
Fortunately, the location is still the same as before:


For the techies out there: I rewrote all of the HTML to use cascading style 
sheets (CSS) which makes the pages easier to maintain and provides a better 

Due to quirks in some web browsers, the pages may not look completely right 
on everyone's PC. I tested it with IE 5.5 and Mozilla 1.4. Everything works 
fine in IE 5.5, and most pages look OK in Mozilla. If you're using a really 
old browser, though, and can't get it to work, you're probably due for an 
upgrade anyway... If you have any major problems with some pages, let me 
know and I'll see if I can code around them.



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