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PC: PC Transfer


    Just joined the list so not sure if this has been mentioned over the
past several weeks or not. The BVJC Chapter has placed into operation
the chapters x-PC N9 Transfer Caboose 18216. In recent weeks it went
from rusty old CR Blue to like new PC (well, close anyway) colors. As it
was as of several weeks ago:
http://www.angelfire.com/film/prrpics/Im001097.jpg  Roof has been given
an aluminum coating since then. Yesterday I started to paint the black
COTS label to make it look more PC era-ish. Of the different styles of
these I chose the double stacked version. The Black Backgrounds are now
painted on in the lower right corners on the sides. I need info to
stencil.  What basic info went on these? I assume the Build Date, RPKD
date etc?  What was the build date for 186216?  Any info or closeup pics
would surely be appreciated. Thanks, Gary 

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