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PC: Operations in Indianapolis


A new version of the "Conrail Indy" route is due for release soon, and
although I've got a soft spot in my heart for Big Blue, I'd much rather run
a 13D F7A or such on those rails, but Penn Central Indianapolis is something
I know nothing about. Anyways, here's what the author of the route has to
say about it:

"This route is based on Conrail's ex-New York Central "Big Four" route
between Avon, Indiana, and Marion, Ohio; part of the Cleveland-St. Louis
mainline. Some cities along the line are Indianapolis, Anderson, Muncie, and
Winchester in Indiana, and Ansonia, Versailles, Sidney, Bellefontaine,
Ridgeway, and Mario in Ohio. Also included are an 8-mile portion of the
ex-Pennsylvania RR Crawfordsville Branch on the west side of Indianapolis,
and branches from Anderson to Lapel, Frankton, and Emporia."

When this comes out, I'd prefer of course to be ready to run PC trains over
the route. Thus, does anyone have information (and perhaps detailed consist
notes/suggestions ) on what would have been running in that area in

One other thing, just to test my interpretation of a source: Indianapolis
(and this route) would be wholly within the PC's Southern Division, wouldn't

Thanks in advance,

"You think you know what I'm doing, so obviously you don't."---Aeon Flux

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