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Re: PC: railroad pictures


Although I don't have a request for a particular loco, how about some PC black FL9 shots?  One or two PC 1000 series MU shots (in service or dead line) would also be great.

I also have a question for list members.  Could GG1's MU with E44's or E33's and could E33's and E44's MU together?  If they could, was this ever done in practice and if so, does anyone have any photos?  I have seen several pictures of the E33, GG1, or E44 Baltimore tunnel helper assisting a different model of electric on train but these were probably not MUed or were they?   

One other rare photo question.  Does anyone have a photo of FL9's operating in multiple in more than two unit combinations?  I have looked through a lot of NH/PC/CR books and seen one picture of 3 FL9's MUed on a freight.  I was also lucky enough to see 3 MUed on a rail train during the early Metro North years but unfortunately did not have my camera. 

Robert Holzweiss  

>>> stuebben -AT- flash.net 08/07/03 09:27PM >>>
I've been keeping a low profile lately because of work and family
obligations, and after the experience of having all my NYC material ripped
off from George Elwood's Fallen Flags web site and sold commercially on CD,
I've been a little hesitant about putting my PC (the "crown jewels") on
line.  However, if any of the PC list subscribers need a particular
locomotive photo for a modeling project or whatever, please drop me a line.
If time permits, I'll send a scan to both you for your project, and to Jerry
for the PC web site.

Gary Stuebben
Dayton, OH

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