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Re: FW: PC: railroad pictures

On Fri, 8 Aug 2003, Gerhard A. Stuebben wrote:

> I have uploaded more photos to the following links:
> PC 2423, taken at Conway, PA by Dave Hamley on 4/17/76:
> http://www.flash.net/~stuebben/PC2423.jpg
> CR 2431, taken at Conway, PA by Joseph R. Quinn on 11/1/77:
> http://www.flash.net/~stuebben/CR2431.jpg

I believe both of these still exist, albeit one for parts.

PC 2423, CR 2423 renumbered as CR 5062 later NY&LE 6101 -may be in Canada or

Builders # 3403-2  Blt 2/65  ret 12/22/80 to GE Hornell NY 6/4/81

PC 2431, CR 2431 renumbered as CR 5067 later NY&LE 5067 -parts source for the
6101 and NY&LE's ex-N&W high nose C-425. Was in Gowanda, NY last I knew. As I
recall Dingman sold the trucks from the 2431 for damned near what he paid for
the unit.

Builders # 3403-10 Blt 3/65 ret 12/22/80 to GE Hornell NY 6/4/81

Will S-E on this list may know more disposition info. 


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