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Re: PC: Miscellaneous

Just got back from a three week vacation - will try to fully reply this weekend

Jim Hebner

On Sunday, August 3, 2003, at 11:53 AM, kc2000 wrote:

Hi Jim,
Received my latest Post July 03 end of last week thank you.
Always a welcome sight - thanks to yourself and all those responsible for its existence.
Also at last received my membership card approx 3 weeks ago - I must say just a bit disappointed ...........that as a new and modern society  - considering current printing technology vis-a-vis computers etc that it isn't something shall we say .........more exciting!!! but I guess part of the problem with that is more members necessary and more hands in the workpool?  By the way , not wholly satisfied with reasons given for no numbers,  I wonder why we couldn't have started from numbers of one of the loco classes of PC.........like GP30's :-)   anyhow just a thought.
Jim, I mentioned to you in an email 7th Nov 02 about Brian Banna's modelling articles on which I don't seem to have received a reply from you on.
It was  after email exchanges and a telephone conversation earlier that year with Brian in which he agreed that he was more than happy for his PC modelling articles to be used in the PCRRHS official publication the Post.   I sent an email to Jerry on the 21st Feb 02 about the above and he said he believed you had already been in contact with Brian at that time and was surprised that one hadn't been used yet ?
Given that Brian is taking what we all hope will be no more than a sabbatical from the railroad scene ( and a short a one as possible Brian if you are looking in :-)  ) , given also that he is a modeller par excellence - second to none - and that we are actually fortunate that so much of his modelling has included the PC and its era and is prepared to share it with us all at no cost to the society, this society should consider itself fortunate that it has been given this golden opportunity , and it leaves one  mystified as  why this chance has been left in abeyance so long, particularly given that there are more and more of demands on various email lists for his modelling articles .
Surely also at this point in time it would be a good way to keep Brian's skills particularly vis-a-vis the railroad in the forefront of people's minds and will do nothing but benefit the society to be associated with someone of his esteemed ability.It will also be a great encouragement  for other people who haven't thought of or are only thinking of modelling PC, to take the plunge and start modelling and/or become PCRRHS members. Certainly speaking to him over the phone he comes across a pretty upstanding and likeable guy.
Anyhow that's my twopenneths worth, BTW obviously will not be able to get to the convention and will place my voting rights (if any?) in your capable hands.
PCRRHS Chartered Member #????

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