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Also Juno Fraud - was: Re: PC: eBay Fraud Alert

This exact type of fraud is now being sent to Juno users. They 
are apparently able to send the same day that the user's 
credit card is being billed by Juno which makes them very 
hard to track. It took Juno two days to decide that I 
was correct when I reported this to them. In that time, 
how many credit card numbers have been harvested?

Obligitory RR content. I have a number of NYC and PC 
photos yet to added to my Railroads of Madison County 
site. I'll let the lists know when they are up. The NYC/PC 
wreck photos have proven to be very popular.

On Thu, 31 Jul 2003 08:16:17 -0400 "Gerhard A. Stuebben"
<stuebben -AT- flash.net> writes:
> Many of you, like me, may have received a message this morning 
> purporting to be from eBay and asking for billing information.  
> This is a VERY sophisticated effort that looks just like the 
> real thing.  As you probably know, the earlier frauds asked 
> you to reply to a message with your credit card information.  
> This one asks you to go to a web site that spoofs eBay,
> i.e., http://www.ebayupdate.net/.  While many of the links in 
> the message go directly to eBay, the credit card info goes to 
> a link that is not one listed on eBay's web site as one of their 
> addresses. 

Roger Hensley - KC9EJI

=== Railroads of Madison County ===
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