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Re: PC: Typical Penn Central Passenger Operations

I don't recall any F7s used in passenger service. PC used E8s, GG1s, and 
Geeps on various passenger runs. They *did* however, have ex-NH FL9s. I 
haven't seen any FL9s available for MSTS. As for the cars, mix up the paint 
schemes--throw in some cars with green window bands, some plain silver cars, 
some ex-PRR cars....

--Chris Osterhus

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>Good morning, folks. I'm new to the list, and a recent convert to the Penn
>Central as a whole. I'm not a 'real' model railroad type, but I play one on
>the computer, through Microsoft's Train Simulator. I've got a set of PC
>stainless steel coaches along with some diesels and electrics, and would
>appreciate any suggestions or input as to how I ought to shuffle and 
>the following cars into various trains:
>2x F7A
>1x F7B
>2z E8A
>2z E8B (reportedly fictional)
>1x GG-1
>Baggage Car #7100
>Bar "John F. Kennedy"
>Coach "George Washington"
>Diner "Thomas Jefferson"
>Observation "John Adams"
>Parlor "Abraham Lincoln"
>I realize that's not a lot to work with, but I also don't mind having
>multiple examples of a coach or locomotive so long as it's the right number
>of units for a particular train. I'm not sure if the F7s are geared for
>passenger or freight service, but I can probably ensure the  right gearing
>if indeed the F7s were used for passenger service.
>Thanks in advance, and thanks to everyone who's put information on the Penn
>Central forward on the Internet; it's greatly appreciated.
>Michael Worrell
>"You think you know what I'm doing, so obviously you don't."---Aeon Flux

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