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PC: Typical Penn Central Passenger Operations

Good morning, folks. I'm new to the list, and a recent convert to the Penn
Central as a whole. I'm not a 'real' model railroad type, but I play one on
the computer, through Microsoft's Train Simulator. I've got a set of PC
stainless steel coaches along with some diesels and electrics, and would
appreciate any suggestions or input as to how I ought to shuffle and arrange
the following cars into various trains:

2x F7A
1x F7B
2z E8A
2z E8B (reportedly fictional)
1x GG-1
Baggage Car #7100
Bar "John F. Kennedy"
Coach "George Washington"
Diner "Thomas Jefferson"
Observation "John Adams"
Parlor "Abraham Lincoln"

I realize that's not a lot to work with, but I also don't mind having
multiple examples of a coach or locomotive so long as it's the right number
of units for a particular train. I'm not sure if the F7s are geared for
passenger or freight service, but I can probably ensure the  right gearing
if indeed the F7s were used for passenger service.

Thanks in advance, and thanks to everyone who's put information on the Penn
Central forward on the Internet; it's greatly appreciated.

Michael Worrell

"You think you know what I'm doing, so obviously you don't."---Aeon Flux

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