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PC: Penn Central items for sale

Hi gang,

      Here's what I've been finding PC-wise lately. I recently bought a
whole box of PC stuff, of which I only wanted about 5 items. The rest of the
stuff was all doubles, so have-at it! Hope there's something good here for
your collection!

1. PC wool blanket. OK so it's the wrong time of year to be selling this.
However, you must buy these when you see them! This is only the third one of
these I've heard of (and 2nd one I had a chance to buy) in 20+ years of
collecting (and the other one is safely tucked away in my cedar chest). VERY
RARE! Excellent condition. Originally a PULLMAN blanket, the PULLMAN logo is
barely visible on one side. The PC logo is stamped overtop right in the
center on both sides. Did I mention it was rare? Great item because not only
is it a collectible, you can actually put it to use! $95

2. PC single deck of playing cards. Green felt box lid w/ PC name & logo
embossed in white. Back of box has sample PC card attached, which is white
with a green PC name & logo. The cards are still wrapped in the original
cellophane. Very good condition overall. Box shows minor wear. $20

3. PC glass ashtray. 4.5 inch diameter heavy clear glass w/ PC name & logo
printed on the underside in green. Has 4 rests for cigarettes- 1 each at 12,
3, 6 & 9 o'clock. I have been told that these were used in the PC parlor
cars in passenger service. Have 4, all in mint condition. $15 each; 3 for

4. PC soap. Small bar of soap in the original wrapper, which is white w/ the
PC name & logo in green. Very good condition. Have 6- $4 each; 3 for $10

5. PC drinking straws. 6.5 inch straw in a white wrapper w/ the PC name &
logo in green. Wrapper also has the "Sweetheart Straws" mfr. name & logo
etc. Very good condition & also very hard to find! Have 4- $4 each; 2 for $7

6. PC "Bates 56" stapler. Large 8-inch desk stapler made by the Bates Mfg.
Co. Gray paint with the words "PROPERTY PENN CENTRAL" in white across the
top in large print. Shows a little normal usage, but very good condition
overall. Another great collectible because you can actually use it! In fact
this one still has staples in it. $29

7. PC black leather timetable/ rulebook cover: A very nice piece, with PENN
CENTRAL embossed in gold lettering. Minor loss of gold on some of the
letters, but very good overall. Small tie string is missing that was used to
hold the timetable in the holder. $18

8. Same as #7, but shows more usage. Still good condition overall. Again,
tie string is gone. $15

9. PC Pocket protector. White vinyl with "I care" (over) PC logo (over)
"PENN CENTRAL" (over) "Work Safely". The P in the logo & the Penn Central
name are in solid red. The other lettering is in a red-outline lettering
style. Have 2- $9 each

10. PC EXPLOSIVES placard. Large 11 X 14 inch placard says PENN CENTRAL
CAREFULLY(in black) & then KEEP FIRE AWAY (in red), then a list of
instructions for handling the car. This is on a manila cardstock & is PC
form number CT81, dated 1-70. Great display item- would look great framed.
Very good condition $9

11. Employee Timetables: All are $5 each, unless noted otherwise.

Lake #4 (cover shows some wear, but good otherwise)

Central #5 (hard cover no G.O.s, near mint condition- has a little soot on
the very last page- which is blank)

Southern #5 (no general orders- near mint cond.)

Southern #6 (has hard cover w/ screw post binding- very good cond. no G.O.s)

Southern #6 (hard cover w/ screw post binding. Good condition- has most or
all G.O.s).

Southern Region hardcover timetable cover. No contents or screws- just the
cover. Some loss of lettering $2

12. PC system map. January 1970 large fold-out map of the entire PC system,
with PC's routes shown in red. Put out by Rand- McNally. Very nice piece in
very good condition. Has an employee name written on one side. $5

13. A few random PC "standards" pages. Loose pages- 7 total- a few related
to track & ballast & 2 related to signs. 1 on original tissue paper, 6
RR-made photocopies. Good "starter set" to see what standards pages consist
of. Most in very good condition. $5

14. PC pencils- "PENN CENTRAL (slanted) Work in Safety- no. 3". Every order
over $10 gets one of these free. Otherwise- $5 for 5 pencils.

15. PC "You Can Count On Us" letter opener. Gold blade w/ PC name, logo &
slogan in green on white background. Comes in the original gold cardboard
sleeve. Excellent condition. $15

16. PC 6' round tape measure. Circular gold metal case w/ PC name & logo on
a white background. Excellent condition. $15

17. PC Public timetable blowout! Nearly 40 different public timetables. A
few duplicate forms (but with different issue dates). A really interesting
cross-section of all the PC TTs: system, local (Phila, NY & Chicago), TDI,
etc. 1 or 2 EARLY AMTRAK (some still have references to PC on them). Between
35-40 pieces total. $15

18. PRR stock certificates: Orange with your choice of either the Horseshoe
Curve or the Pennsylvania State Seal vignette. $4 each, 1 of each style for
$6. 10 stocks (your choice which style or a mix of both) $20. 50 stocks for

19. PC Detroit Division matchbook first-aid kit. Ex- NYC style kit in very
good condition. $7.50

20. PC POLICE Dept. parking pass: 5 X 11 (approx.) inch manila cardstock
reads: "Penn Central Transportation Co." "OFFICIAL" (in large letters) "no:"
(has 3 digit number)"issued to:" (blank space for name)"by: PCT Co. Police
Dept. Cleveland OH." Has large green PC logo also. These were used mainly in
Cleveland Union terminal for employees, etc. who had to park their personal
autos at the station. Have many- $4 each. 3 for $10, 10 for $20. GREAT
display & conversation item. Rare to find any paper items from the PC police

21. PC sign: "FOR SALE" (over) "Penn Central Corp." (over) "Holiday Park
Tower Suite 719: 644 Linn St. Cinn. Oh. 45203 (513) 579-1188" 18 X 24
inches, blue & white lettering, double sided, heavy pressboard (about  inch
thick). Very nice condition! $70

22. Set of 5 PC stock certificates: PC had 6 total stocks- included are 5 of
the 6: CAPITAL STOCK 100 shares (blue); CAPITAL less than 100 shares
(brown); COMMON STOCK less than 100 shares (tan); COMMON 100 shares (pink);
COMMON more than 100 (purple). All 5 in very nice shape. $20 for all 5.

23. PC POST employee mags. $2 each: Condition is good, exceptions noted

1969: Jan; Feb; Mar; May; June (pen mark on cover) $1.50 ; July; Aug; Nov
(tear on front cover) $1; Dec.

1970: Jan; July/Aug

1971: July/Aug

1972: Feb. (has holes punched for 2 ring notebook). $1; Aug/Sept. (Agnes
special issue- $4- small pen mark on cover)

1973: March; Dec

1974: March; April

1975: Jan; Feb/March; April

1976: March (last issue $3)

24. PC ADLAKE Kerosene lantern w/clear globe. Has PC logo raised on the top
of the lid. Great display item in near mint condition. $60

25. CONRAIL BIC pen. CR logo & "Write your own safely record. Columbus
Division/ Southern Region" on the side. Have 2- $3 each- both for $5.

26. CONRAIL Sheaffer ball point pen. New in the box. Blue plastic pen body
is thick- will accept a refill. Has a screw-off cap & CR name & logo in
white. Very nice, in mint condition. $5

27. CONRAIL keychain: Blue plastic w/ CR name & logo & the wording "CONRAIL-
NEW JERSEY DIVISION- Push for safety in 80". Excellent condition. $5



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