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Re: PC: Bowser announces N-8

Subject: Re: PC: Bowser announces N-8

> Complete details can be found here:
> http://www.bowser-trains.com/hocars/N8/N8%20Main.htm
> Looks like I'll have to get a couple of these myself, but for $30 per kit,
> these better be pretty phenomenal cabin cars!
> -JWJ

Jerry, et al
Having purchased 2 older brass N8s, neither of which resembles the other,
and having seen the new Rail Classics stuff go for $200-$250, I would have
to believe that this new offering will fit the bill nicely. Dollar bill that
is, pun intended. If it is the same quality as their recent hopper cars I'll
be happy at $30 retail, undecorated of course, as their reproduction of PC
paint leaves a lot to be desired.

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