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Re: PC: Web site update

  wonderful job you've done on the PC site...brought tears and many memories 
for me.
My dad had an office in the Cleveland Terminal, he was NYC until the merger, 
and I was reminiscing about it all yesterday with another ex-Eastern Flight 
attendant from Cleveland area.  We layed over in the Sheraton, also part of the 
terminal bldg., and I'd meet my dad there...my parents then lived in 
Cleveland.  We crew members who knew about it would take the Rapid into town from 
Cleveland Hopkins.  Higbee's had an entrance into the terminal, too.  Anyway, I got 
a go-ahead from Trains magazine to send them a photo of my dad, and a short 
article about him, don't know when, or even if it will be published for sure.  
I have a brief bio of him, along with photo of Big Four Depot, Galion, Ohio, 
in my website...
note that there is no zero in front of the three in the geocities site.
Diana Bristow
Diticat03 -AT- aol.com

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