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PC: Re: PCRRHS 2003 convention update

Great news Jerry!

   Glad to see the RMNE and Danbury RR museums in the mix.   You won't be
disappointed.   Danbury has a restored PC painted caboose and other former
PC equipment with Metro-North action at the station complex....(side trip to
Grand Central Terminal?)   Also one of the NYC painted FL-9's is displayed
with a NYC (ex Amtrak-UP) painted E unit.

RMNE is New Haven Heaven!    At least five cab units in NH colors (FL-9's
and former Shoreline East  F-7's),  the last FL-9 ( former PC 5059) in Metro
North paint,  the last loco built for the NH, a U-25b and a NH RS-3 ,( #'s
escape me at the moment).   A few old NH heavyweight pullmans are stored on
the property as well.   I believe these are from the late Jim Bradley
Presently a pair of NH FL-9's power the excursion train.   Chase Yard in
Waterbury looks like NH in the 1960's.

Anyone think RMNE will let us slap a few (removable) PC worms over the NH
heralds just as PC did with many FL-9's???

Best for me , most of these attractions are less than 45 min. drive for
me.....subtract 15 min for #7 listed below.     State police could easily
plug the state deficit with speeding tickets!!

I've marked my calendar!

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Subject: PC: PCRRHS 2003 convention update

> All,
> The latest (but still tentative) schedule for the 2003 Penn Central
> Railroad Historical Society convention has been posted on the PCRRHS web
> site at http://pcrrhs.org/convention2003.html
> Also, allow me to add my Top Ten Reasons to Attend This Year's Convention:
> 10. Watch the New Haven fans of the group slobbering and foaming as we
> visit the Railroad Museum of New England and see their authentic former NH
> (and PC) locomotives.
> 9. Three words: CSX Boston Line.
> 8. Meet Gary Farmer, Chuck French, and other famous PCRRHS personalities!
> 7. See how fast Connecticut residents *really* drive...
> 6. Look at Penn Central slides until your eyes bleed.
> 5. Take a tour of Branchline Trains and see where all of those model
> boxcars *really* come from!
> 4. Learn what a "cranker" really is, and what "cookies" really means!
> 3. Three words: Danbury Railway Museum.
> 2. FL9s!
> And the number one reason to attend this year's PCRRHS convention:
> 1. It's fun, you'll love it, and it beats going to work!
> -JWJ

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