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PC: PCRRHS 2003 convention update


The latest (but still tentative) schedule for the 2003 Penn Central 
Railroad Historical Society convention has been posted on the PCRRHS web 
site at http://pcrrhs.org/convention2003.html

Also, allow me to add my Top Ten Reasons to Attend This Year's Convention:

10. Watch the New Haven fans of the group slobbering and foaming as we 
visit the Railroad Museum of New England and see their authentic former NH 
(and PC) locomotives.

9. Three words: CSX Boston Line.

8. Meet Gary Farmer, Chuck French, and other famous PCRRHS personalities!

7. See how fast Connecticut residents *really* drive...

6. Look at Penn Central slides until your eyes bleed.

5. Take a tour of Branchline Trains and see where all of those model 
boxcars *really* come from!

4. Learn what a "cranker" really is, and what "cookies" really means!

3. Three words: Danbury Railway Museum.

2. FL9s!

And the number one reason to attend this year's PCRRHS convention:

1. It's fun, you'll love it, and it beats going to work!


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