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PC: Re: Web site update (yeah, really!)

Hi Jerry----Glad to hear about the update. As to your concerns about the
lack of visits, I know my own habit is to check a site I like (and I do like
yours!) daily, but when the updates run several months behind I visit less
and less often and eventually quit. I know you are terribly busy, but folks
don't regularly visit sites that remain static. Catch-22, almost!

Keep up the great work,
New Orleans

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From: "Jerry Jordak" <jer -AT- smellycat.com>
To: "Penn Central Mailing List" <penn-central -AT- smellycat.com>
Sent: Saturday, June 21, 2003 10:23 PM
Subject: PC: Web site update (yeah, really!)

> Hello fellow listers,
> Today I made some updates to the Penn Central Railroad Home Page web site
> for the first time in three months. I added a number of Eastern Region
> track charts to the Official Track Charts page. I also finished uploading
> the rest of the archive of the Penn Central Mailing List (this list).
> Previously, I hadn't yet uploaded a couple of years worth of messages.
> Those have all been updated, and I also generated new monthly indexes up
> through May 2003 (last month). My only regret is that the archives are not
> searchable, but you can browse them by message or by thread.
> If you'll let me ramble for a moment, I'll admit that I was having
> lately about no longer updating and maintaining the PC web site. Between
> working 40+ hours a week, maintaining my house and yard, building a model
> railroad, taking train pictures, and trying to spend time with family and
> friends, I was seriously considering just letting the web site go. But, I
> finally decided to keep going at it for a while longer. I probably just
> won't update it as frequently as before, although I will likely end up
> giving the site a makeover in the next couple of months. The last time I
> did a site redesign was at least four or five years ago...and it looks
> it. (Anyone know of some good resources on using Cascading Style Sheets?
> so, reply to me off-list.)
> Also, I noticed while uploading the mailing list archives that we used to
> generate up to 270 messages per month on this list. I think we might have
> had that many messages over the past *year*. I know we had a hit last
> summer with technical problems that kept the list offline for about three
> months, and it hasn't quite been the same since. Don't get me wrong...my
> ego doesn't depend on how much traffic goes across this list, but what I'm
> saying is that the list is here as a resource for Penn Central fans
> everywhere, so feel free to use it!
> Thanks for listening, and have a good night...
> Jerry Jordak
> Listmaster, Webmaster, etc.
> http://pc.smellycat.com/

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