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PC: N Scale LL "C-424" in PC announced


"Coming in November from Life-Like USA is their first release of Alco
C424/425's in US roadnames."

Penn Central C424, rd #2426
ITEM # LL-7593 -- Black/White $53.95
LIST: $80.00

Penn Central C424, rd #2453
ITEM # LL-7594 -- Black/White $53.95
LIST: $80.00
Both numbers were C-425's on the PC roster, not C-424's, the only C-424 was
the DL640 rebuild, PRR/PC 2415.

No C-425's are shown or listed and they don't show any artwork for a PC
"C-424". Hope it's really a 425 with the correct notched long hood end and
offset side panel.


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