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Re: PC: PCRRHS Convention and Website

Website seems fine to me. Might be a WebTV issue

Convention plans are moving along - hotel is being finalized today or 
tomorrow. Part of the delay was find a hotel room rate that did not 
make you choke.
There will be some revisions of agenda published in the last issue of 
the POST

The June issue of the POST is being put together now and will have the 
And we will post it here and on the society web site.

Jim Hebner

On Tuesday, June 10, 2003, at 09:58 PM, John Wilson wrote:

>  Have the details of the 2003 PCRRHS convention been finalized?  I 
> don't
> recall hearing much except that it is to be in New England (CT?).
>  I'm having some difficulty at the PCRRHS website: it seems that all of
> the text, except for the hyperlinks, is either missing or exactly the
> same color as the background (black).  Is there anything I can do that
> will make the text readable or is this perhaps another curse of WebTV?
>  John W.

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