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PC: Article of (Possible) Interest


This month I have an article being published on the Penn Central in "Railroad History" the official publication of the Locomotive and Railway Historical Society.  The article concerns the behind the scenes political bargaining that contributed to the failure of the PC.  Many of you probably already get this journal.  For those of you that do not, you can purchase a single issue (and check out the other articles and back issues) by pointing your browser to http://www.rrhistorical-2.com/rlhs/rrhistry/current.html  

Please note I receive no compensation from RRH for publishing this piece or publicizing the journal.  I am letting you know as a courtesy and because you share my interest in the Penn Central.  

If you decide to read the piece, I would be very interested in any feedback (negative or positive) you have to offer. 

Robert Holzweiss

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