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PC: HO *plastic* H58 Flexi-Flo?

  I'm hoping somebody here might have some background on some plastic HO models of the Pd3000 "Flexi-Flo" covered hopper. The prototypes were the PC/CR H58 class, by North American. (Actually built by Butler, 1975.) Overland has made some HO models in brass.
  This was posted in the Yahoo Flexi-Flo_Modelers Group:
"A friend of mine who came from southern California . . . says that in the 
late '70's or early '80's, a company that used Flexi-flo's had an HO 
model commissioned of the North American Pd-3000, to give away as 
premiums for their customers.  According to him, the models were 
quite well done for the day, and are highly coveted by the modelers 
out there.  Why it was never put into commercial production, I have 
no idea, other than the toolmaker probably didn't have a clue how to 
get them to the hobby market.  Or, it was a soft tool, made just to 
make the small run that the customer wanted."
  Someone else told me they had one, with PC markings. Would anyone have any info about who made the cars?
  We at the "Flexi-Flo Fan Club" are hoping to interest a manufacturer or two in making Pd3000's or the ACF CF3500PD Flexi-Flo cars in HO styrene. (Both types, if we can swing it.) It appears that both types are still in use today, some of them on their fifth set of reporting marks.
  You are invited to stop by for a visit, at <http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Flexi-Flo_Modelers/>.
  Thanks in advance for any info.

     Doug Clark, Owner/Moderator, F-F_M

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