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Re: PC: Re: PC E33 - Bachmann.


Just to let you know I got my E33 the other day and I agree with a lot of 
what you said. I did figure out how to remove the incorrect size nose 
emblem and the incorrect style numbers. Using 91% isopropyl alcohol and a 
pencil eraser, gently but firmly rub the herald and numbers. This is like 
a mild wet sanding. It takes some time but the results are quite good. 
Mask off the front panel and cab side and paint a light coat of Floquil 
CSX black. Use the correct size herald and numbers from a Microscale Penn 
Central Diesel set. When dry, use a light coat of Floquil flat finish to 
blend with the factory paint, some light whethering. I also painted over 
the hand rail ends and step edges with the correct color yellow and you 
not only have a more correct version of a rare locomotive but also have 
the ability to model all of Penn Central's E33's.


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Date: Sat, 1 Mar 2003 20:17:42 +0100
Subject: PC: Re: PC E33 - Bachmann.

> Hi All,
> Received my Bachmann PC E33 a few weeks ago ,having at last found time
> to look at it thought it might be of interest to some folks to read
> about some Preliminary Observations?Most of which is applicable to the
> Conrail model also.
> 1 New clear plastic interior box! I like it (at the moment i am in the
> middle of a major DIY in the spare bedroom-guess where everything is
> stored in the mean time :-( Sigh.) it allows one to place it on a
> table/shelf ,well protected from dust and most accidental knocks and
> just enjoy it. One hopes that all future loco models come packed this
> way. The way to go for sure IMO.
>  2 Getting the loco out of it's box i found ,is  fairly straight
> forward (more than can be said for some manufacturers products
> including Bachmann) .First Impressions - Very Good - best yet from
> Bachmann, overall dimensions appear to be correct (have not been able
> to find a scale drawing) there is a lot of detail on this model some of
> its correct, some of it even the correct scale, the model overall
> reflects a lot of thought and effort that has been put into it.
> 3 The first and most obvious mistake is the oversized PC logo on the
> front of the short hood, not easy to remove -- I have managed to do so,
> but have found the plastic  very soft and easy to mark. 
> A good point for Bachmann - the body is reasonably easy to separate
> from the frame and/or chassis, more than can be said for a lot of other
> models - take note Kato and Athearn.
> 4 It unfortunately suffers from the usual generic problems re Bachmann
> products , what appears to be scale grabirons superglued in - tight
> against the body -, this is really noticeable re-the step/grab irons
> for reaching the roof of the locomotive.  The toe kicks/kick plates(?)
> are missing in this area - again very noticeable.  I have managed to
> unglue some of the grab irons but will have to replace a number of
> them.
> 5 Another generic problem   break cylinders are too small- , for me
> they will have to be changed.
> 6 Re - Truck centres......E33 model = scale 41.5' ....(U25C = 42 ft).
> 7 Re - Truck length.........E33 model = scale 13 ft ....(U25C = 13
> ft).inserts
> 8 Re - length of chassis/frame..E33 model = scale 64 feet (U25C= 64.5).
> 9 The see-through grills are  incredible - a wake-up call to other
> manufactures well done 
> Bachmann.
> 10 Trucks - against photos look fair representation though I think a
> lot of us will be adding further detail.
> 11 Frame --is made of metal, which has a good side as this helps to 
> add weight to the loco, though the steps are plastic inserts with
> see-through square holes.  Unfortunately there are several no no's with
> the pilot faces -- most of the detail is either wrong scale, wrongly
> placed, or doesn't exist on prototype, or should be but isn't there at
> all! 
>  One of them, the missing footboards, would be okay for Conrail - all
> PC photos that I have seen have them in place - this part by the way is
> made of plastic and looks to be under scale?  
> The various hoses are well detailed but look to be under scale?  They
> are plastic as is the piece of right angle plastic that they are
> attached to - this is over scale.  
> The two grab irons above are incorrect, and I have already removed
> mine.  
> The uncoupling lever I can live with but unfortunately sits to high, OK
> I hear you say -- so what!  Well if you want to add the correct full
> width hand rail they will end up being far too close together IMO and
> will look odd. 
> The mu cable on the pilot front I have only seen on the preserved
> Virginian livery loco, not on any others.I have taken mine off.
>  Incidentally the handrails from the top of the frame/pilot do not
> descend far enough down  -- see photos re -- George Elwood site and/or
> PC Web site.  Of course it is far easier to do these corrections with a
> plastic pilot than a metal pilot :-(.
> 12 the handrails alongside the long -- hood are commendably fine/thin
> maybe too much so? The worst problem I have noted is either the delrin
> has shrunk or the holes in the frame have not been correctly spaced ?
> Several of the stanchion posts are misaligned leaning in one direction
> or the other , plus all the white paintwork should be yellow on the
> ends of the handrails, this includes the steps and the grabirons,plus
> uncoupling lever.Piece of chain each end will be needed for between the
> handrails above the pilots.
> 13 Crew are included and are fixed to the metal frame , though
> unpainted, are at least to HO scale - I happen to like crews in my cabs
> it doesn't make sense to me to have a well detailed loco, but no crew
> in the cab IMO. I slightly changed the body forms of my crew and
> painted them.
> 14 Nos on side of the cab are not of the correct style - haven't made
> up my mind whether i will change them or not a lot will depend on how
> easy it is to obtain replacement decos for the nos and of course a new
> PC worm on the nose.Any advice in this direction would be appreciated,
> particularly who would be likely to have them in stock.
> 15 Headlights at either end are nice but too small. Number boards also
> look under size but not too sure.Without a scale drawing its difficult
> to say, if anyone can advise me on where i can obtain a scale drawing
> it would be greatly appreciated .
> 16 Roof- the handrail (?) above the lights are non existent in the
> PC/Conrail era, but appear to be in place before that . Horns i don't
> know , don't have a good enough photo to say one way or the other . In
> general the roof detail appear very good indeed to my untutored eye,
> but i am sure others better placed and more experienced than i will
> hopefully come forward and give us the benefit of their wisdom. The
> lifting irons for the various access hatches are included, but for some
> bizarre reason are standing upright rather than laying flat as most
> photos seem to show. Incidentally through the fine mesh you are able to
> see a facsimile of what i presume is the cooling fan for the
> motors/generators.
> 17 Included as extra part is the Pennsy signal box ( first time ever i
> think) but unfortunately seems to be too small?
> 18 Also included are 2 side mirrors/wind deflectors 4 really are
> required, again i am not sure whether these are the right size?
> 19 Side skirts good news for those of us who like to create individual
> detail, these are separate pieces and therefore would be able to be cut
> down to fit those locomotives that were so equipped - by the way the
> air tanks and some pipework are included behind the skirts, altogether
> nice thinking on Bachmann's part.
> 20 Some window wipers are included and are fine scale, have not got
> around to working out whether they are correct for this loco or not
> yet, but at least a move in the right direction by Bachmann. Cab side
> windows do slide too and fro, perhaps just a little too easily. 
>  In summary - I have been a customer of Bachmann's for many years, at
> one time from both sides of the counter, and apart from the English
> thing of rather having a soft touch for those regarded as the under dog
> have always followed their progress with interest if not somewhat at
> times with frustration. seeing their potential for being one of the top
> guys yet always seeming to fall short at the last hurdle. With this
> last effort they seem to almost get over it , but not quite . I very
> much like this model and despite its problems i am sure quite rightly
> will be very popular, particularly in NH and Virginian liveries apart
> from the fact that also its unusualness and its uniqueness , so how
> about it Bachmann, at least sort out the pilot plate problems + those
> awful brk. cly. and you will be well on the way. Mechanically i am not
> yet in a position to say for reasons already stated , the people that
> sold me the locomotive tested it for me and were impressed by both the
> running and the looks of the locomotive and just putting some test
> wires on the trucks i didn't find it overly noisy, but of course these
> are subjective observations, i leave it to others with the place and
> equipment to so this - the ultimate test?
> Regards,
> Ken

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