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PC: Re: PC X79

Chris Osterhus reported...

>I just wanted to let you all know that a few ex-PC X79s are still floating
>around the Pittsburgh area. I saw one in a passing CSX freight last night.
>Still in PC green, but without the logos.

Chris, et al...

There was a cut of TWELVE 'KELX' box cars...  11 ex-PENN CENTRAL and one
ex-GRAND TRUNK (brown) in an eastbound freight at Conway Yard on Sunday
morning.  I see 'KELX' cars at Conway... and passing The FALLSTON
FLAGSTOP... almost every day.  But this was the largest single cut in recent
memory.  Generally there are no more than four or five on a given day.

Terry Stuart
62 Beaver Street
Fallston, PA  15066

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