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PC: From the 30s to Conrail

I now have 26 brief stories by Jim Peters of his time on the 
NYC though PC and into Conrail from the 30s to the 70s 
(so far) on the Memory Pages of my Railroads of Madison 
County web site at: http://madisonrails.railfan.net/

Jim Peters started with the NYC in 1942 as Agent-Operator, 
and worked on the Erie Division until retiring on disability in 1981. 
Some of the positions he worked were Freight Agent, Ticket 
Agent, Teletype Operator, Dispatcher Report Clerk and Train 
Dispatcher in the Cleveland Union Terminal, when the Erie Division 
and Cleveland Divisions were consolidated in 1963.  Altogether 
he worked at 20+ stations and offices in New York, Pennsylvania 
and Ohio, Main Line and Valley Branch.

He told me yesterday that there were only about 5 more stories 
to go before his series was complete. These are personal 'Tales 
of the Rails' right out of his life.

I hope that you enjoy reading them as much as I have. Enjoy.

Roger Hensley

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