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PC: Springfield Show

Hello all!
   Once again this year many PC models running at the huge Springfield Mass.
train show.   Spotted a train of Walthers PC passenger cars mixed with PRR
and NH cars behind a PC GG-1 in the Red/ white logo scheme.    This was a
sharp looking train, even though the baggage car was not a PC prototype.
Many PC freight locos on display including a large scale PC unit (don't know
the exact scale) with PRR keystones bleeding through the paint.
   Overall, did not see as much PC as last year, but still a respectable
showing.    Less crowds this year, confirmed by a regular dealer, maybe the
Columbia tragedy and the economy had an effect.  ( Columbia kept me away
Sat...I was glued to the set.)
    This show is an annual must see for anyone in the Northeast.  Always
some PC action and memorabilia to collect.


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