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PC: Items for Sale,paper,books,n scale

     I have the following items for sale. Please contact OFF list with the above subject with questions. Prices DO NOT incl shp.

PC Leather conductors Wallet-Good cond 
PC CT-225-G Haz. Mtl. Reg-plastic cover,good cond 
PC 1969 Annual Report-Fair cond-water mark 
PC MW1-New Unused 
$ 16
PC MW4-Used but excellent cond,field notes on some pages,1section
  for inspection,1 section for construction  
PC Conductor & Trainman Hat Badges  
PC Lapel pins for Cond. & Trainman uniform 


PRR CT 1000E May,1945-Good cond with Phila Div pages
   notched out along edge.
$ 30
PRR CT 1000C May,1945-Very good cond,slight wear on bottom spine and cover
  corners from shelf wear 
  $ 85
PRR Loco Test Plant Book No.21 for Class E6 
PRR Pocket calenders-1957 & 1960 
$ 6
PRR Land Book of 1890 for South West Pennsylvania RailWay 
PRR CT1515 Qualification Card-New,never issued 
PRR MW200 Machinery Qualification Card- New,never issued 
PRR MW52(D) Manual of Instructions for MW Equip. NO COVER,
   dated 1-1-60 
PRR Demurrage Card-pad, unused 
PRR Application for Position-Pad of 100 unused,for bidding on jobs 
PRR Deposit Slip book-Pad,unused 
PRR Annual Report-1930
PRR Annual Report-1945 
PRR Annual Reports-1953,58 
PRR Annual Reports-1952,55,59,60,61,62 
PRR 1st Annual Report 1848 (1894 reprint)Front cover loose,pages brittle 
PRR Cent. Reg.ETT No.1, 10-25-64,Used,cover there,not attached,
  has all G.O.'s 
PRR Cent. Reg.ETT No.4, 10-27-67,Good used cond,has all G.O.'s 
PRR Storage stamps for baggage-full book of 100 - 5 cents, 35 cents,
  75 cents 
$10 bk
PRR Leather Conductors wallet (well used)name still visible
PRR 25 year Bronze service pin 
PRR N-Scale Atlas SD35-#6025 & 6018,New,Not run,SELL AS A PAIR 
CR Lapel pins for Cond. & Trainman uniform  
CR First Aid Kit-New,unused,Large square metal case with red Conrail & logo 
CR Hardhat-MW-New,unused,1 safari style 
$18, 2 reg style  $15
CR Annual Report-1987 
CR MW-4,NEW,never used,has a couple of small rub marks across logo
but other wise excellent. 
Pullman Brass Car Door handles-From Heavyweight cars,old former camp cars,
  some dinges and dents mostly to door knob,latch moves,heavy 
Great Northern Atlas N scale FA1 (2 units)-older stock,not run,tested only 
EL ETT #4  2-24-74 

Thank you.
Pat McKinney

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