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Re: PC: U33C as-delivered color

On Wed, 22 Jan 2003, Steffan Forbes wrote:

>    If any of you own the penn-central video tapes from Green Frog Video, you 
> will see a color shot of a couple U-33C's on their maiden trip slowly 
> pulling, if I remember right, a unit coal train.  The units are bright and 
> shiny... and they look BLACK to me.
>                                           -Gregg B.

I had recalled seeing a color photo of what looked like a new PC U33C posted
to the ABPR a few years ago. After searching my butt off I finally found it. I
recalled it looking sort of green, but it turns out that the whole image has a
greenish cast to it. It's a nice shot anyway.


This shot also illustrates very well the faired radiator housing on the early
U33's which was squared off in later production.

I also recall seeing a two or three unit brand new lashup of PC U33C's on a
decent quality video, they looked very black IIRC. It might be up at our model
RR club, I'll have to check when I get up there.


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