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Re: PC: U33C as-delivered color

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From: Bill Gingrich <bgingrich -AT- lcswma.org>
To: penn-central -AT- smellycat.com
Subject: PC: U33C as-delivered color

>I am about to start modeling a PC U33C using an Atlas 
HO model. I want to model
>the as-delivered appearance and am wondering about 
the color. Some time ago I
>heard from a quite reliable source that the first 
order of PC U33C's and only the
>first order (first PC locomotives from GE) were 
painted PRR dark green locomotive
>enamel (almost black brunswick green) at the factory. 
Does anyone have any
>thoughts about this? Can anyone confirm it? Thanks,
>Bill Gingrich
This subject comes up every few months. It seems to 
stem from old painting diagrams that specify DGLE. 
However, such diagrams often have no relationship to 

The one thing that's missing is an actual COLOR 
picture of a PC loco in DGLE that isn't a paintout. 
(Painting over PRR heralds and applying worms.)

Until such picture appears, I remain skeptical.

Peter King in NY 

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