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Re: PC: U33C as-delivered color

On Tue, 21 Jan 2003, Bill Gingrich wrote:

> I am about to start modeling a PC U33C using an Atlas HO model. I want to model
> the as-delivered appearance and am wondering about the color. Some time ago I
> heard from a quite reliable source that the first order of PC U33C's and only the
> first order (first PC locomotives from GE) were painted PRR dark green locomotive
> enamel (almost black brunswick green) at the factory. Does anyone have any
> thoughts about this? Can anyone confirm it? Thanks,
> Bill Gingrich

I had heard that as well, but I don't recall if it was confirmed.

The first U33C order was a PRR order and these were the first locos delivered
new to the PC.

I do know that the early PC U33C's had faired radiator housings whereas later
production models were squared off.

You can see it in this shot from CR's first summer:


I believe the first two PC orders had these, but it's best to refer to
specific prototype photos. I'm not sure if any were rebuilt without them later


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