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PC: Pirated PC / NYC / PRR Photos - Update #1

Thanks to assistance from members of the railfan community, I recently
received in the mail the NYC Photo CD and confirmed that it is a duplicate
of George Elwood's site.  Every image on the CD that I examined is identical
to one George had posted.  Well ... there is one major difference -- all
information about the photographer and collection from which the image came
was deleted.  This is purposeful, deceitful copyright violation on a scale
seldom seen.

These CDs are making their way to train shows.  At a recent show in
Wentzville, Missouri, several dealers had a total of over 500 for sale at a
price of around $20 each.  Thanks to the efforts of railfan James Tiroch,
the sellers agreed to remove the CDs from their displays.  I really
appreciate your work, Jim!

In the mean time, I'm still trying to track down who is behind "Blue Flame
Productions."  My best bet is to find out who the retailers are, and then
ask the dealers who they are buying from.  When you see these CDs at railfan
events or stores, please let me (stuebben -AT- flash.net) or George Elwood
(gelwood -AT- dnaco.net) know they are so we can speak with them.

Now that I have the evidence, I need to find out who the culprit is.

Gary Stuebben
Dayton, OH

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