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Re: PC: Important Model Information

On Sat, 11 Jan 2003 robcarlo -AT- worldnet.att.net scripted:

>> A user wrote:
>> Also the word from several manufacturers iis that PC locomotive models,
>> passenger cars (Walthers Budd) aren't selling as well as expected.  If
>> there are to be more PC paint schemes on existing and future models, then
>> we modelers need to support the manufacturers and purchase these models. 
>> If it sells, they will (continue to) make it. 

Maybe their expectations are somewhat ahead of the curve. I can only see the
demand for PC models increasing in the future as as more people become
interested in modeling the east in the 70's.

I believe there are fewer PC pooh-pooh'ers out there every year. The
historical enthusiasm for the PC seems to have substantially multipled over
the past 15 years or so.

> Agreed!!

I agree as well, but they were late to the game for me. I had already
purchased a train's worth of Con-Cor and Rivarossi cars to cobble into a
poo-doggy (the technical term :) PC era Amtrak train. My "era" in Ho is
mid-70's so pure PC consists for LD passenger trains weren't very common.

PC locos are just too easy to custom paint and custom decal. A number of
releases over the past several years just weren't "quite right" with their
paint jobs. The U33C's come to mind and I own 4 of those.

>     I have purchased at least 12 of the Walthers PC cars with 4 of the
> new lounge (parlor)cars on order.   A happy surprise was the decal set
> with the  new 52 seat coaches which also contain the car names for all 16
> PC parlor club cars in the 7130 to 7145 series.  You could model the
> entire fleet if you wanted to.   

That is a cool feature.

>     In the Walthers series, the diner, 52 seat coach, lounge and
> baggage-dorm(NYC-PC) are PC prototypes.   These cars look great, although
> the angle of the logos is a little too sharp.  It's something I chose to
> overlook.

I make my own so that wouldn't bother me much. 

Other comments on the logo? Is it really off?

>      I have purchased many other of the recent PC models as well and as I
> can afford.   We did not have such a great selection to choose from even
> just 10 years ago.  Pure economics.. if it doesn't sell, it won't be
> produced.

As we do mid 70's at our HO club I too have purchased many PC models. Lets
hope future sales can justify even more PC models.


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