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Re: PC: Important Model Information

A user wrote:

Also the word from several manufacturers iis that PC locomotive models, passenger cars (Walthers Budd) aren't selling as well as expected.  If there are to be more PC paint schemes on existing and future models, then we modelers need to support the manufacturers and purchase these models.  If it sells, they will (continue to) make it.

    I have purchased at least 12 of the Walthers PC cars with 4 of the new lounge (parlor)cars on order.   A happy surprise was the decal set with the  new 52 seat coaches which also contain the car names for all 16 PC parlor club cars in the 7130 to 7145 series.  You could model the entire fleet if you wanted to.  
    In the Walthers series, the diner, 52 seat coach, lounge and baggage-dorm(NYC-PC) are PC prototypes.   These cars look great, although the angle of the logos is a little too sharp.  It's something I chose to overlook.
     I have purchased many other of the recent PC models as well and as I can afford.   We did not have such a great selection to choose from even just 10 years ago.  Pure economics.. if it doesn't sell, it won't be produced.

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