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Re: PC: Important Model Information


Just a heads up to all PC modelers.  I just received some very interesting information from the Cocoa Beach PM meet via one of the PCRRHS members.  One prominent HO manufacturer has expressed initial interest in producing models of the NYC/PC/PRR/RI (and others) MARK IV FLEXIVAN cars and containers.

What's needed are photos, digital images, slides drawings and plans.  Mark Kerlick is one point of contact (markkerlick -AT- att.net).

Also the word from several manufacturers iis that PC locomotive models, passenger cars (Walthers Budd) aren't selling as well as expected.  If there are to be more PC paint schemes on existing and future models, then we modelers need to support the manufacturers and purchase these models.  If it sells, they will (continue to) make it.

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