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PC: Pirated PC / NYC / PRR Photos

An unscrupulous person (operating under the name of "Blue Flame
Productions") downloaded the PC / NYC / PRR images from George Elwood's
Fallen Flags web site (www.rr-fallenflags.org) and is selling them on CD.

As George says:
"It has come to my attention that a company named Blue Flame Productions
Company has downloaded many of the images from my site and is distributing
them on CD. Many of the CDs are being sold on eBay without permission from
me or the owners of the images. Checking the Ebay site of items being sold,
I was able to identify most of the images shown as sample as ones from my
site. Also available on these CD are the operator manuals which I scanned
and made available on my site. I don't have time to surf the net and don't
belong to eBay so this whole thing caught me by surprise. I have already
heard from several submitters to my site who are considering legal action."

Since over 80% of the PC photos and over half of the NYC photos on that site
are from my personal collection, I am more than a little upset -- as are
contributors for other railroads.  The eBay seller, who was apparently
unaware of the copyright violation, has agreed to remove them from sale:

My initial attempt to identify who is behind "Blue Flame Productions" has
been unsuccessful.  If you have any leads, or should see these disks for
sale at train meets, please contact me (stuebben -AT- flash.net) or George Elwood
(gelwood -AT- dnaco.net) off-line with the name of the seller.  I am not
interested in taking action against innocent purchasers or dealers; I'm just
trying to get the illegal duplication stopped.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Gary Stuebben
Dayton, OH

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