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Re: PC: X42's

The car at the Leatherstocking rr club was a PC 37715 and was use as a stores car - had the big yellow boxed  S on one end. Brown body - not a hint of green.

Was on the back page of the PCRRHS POST Volume 2 # 4 Dec 2001

Jim Hebner

>>> kgjr1554 -AT- earthlink.net 12/18/02 17:12 PM >>>
There was a car used for storage in Elmira, NY on CR.  Not sure if it was in
PRR or PC  paint.  Car was to go to the Leatherstocking RR Club in Milford
NY.  I have shots of it in Elmira and will try to find them when I get home
over the holidays.

Kermit Geary Jr

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