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PC: Re:PRR X-42 Boxcars...

>> Lon:
>> They aren't listed in the ORER I think they are in the Pass. equip. book.
>> Someone here may have a copy.

and Jerry adds:
>The passenger car guide has a listing for X42s as PC 8590-8599 (PRR 
>2540-2549). So there must have been only ten of these cars. They were built 
>in 1950 and were 63' long. It doesn't say, though, how many of the cars 
>were renumbered or if any were repainted.

The 1971 ORofPTE (I believe the last one issued) has 9 cars listed in the above PRR series, while the PC series does not yet list any cars.  They are designated as "postal storage".


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