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Re: PC: Re: PRR X-42 Boxcars...

Lon Godshall wrote:
> Gregg:
> <<< I recently seen a picture taken in 1975 of an ex-PRR X-42 boxcar, still
> in PRR paint in the "shadow-keystone" scheme.  If you haven't seen an X-42
> before, it looks like someone grafted two 40' boxcars together end-to-end.
> The car must be at least 70' long.  What I want to know is how many of these
> cars made it to PC and if any were painted PC green.  Also, the picture I
> seen is not the best, but it looks like the car rides on high-speed express
> trucks like the ones used on several REA boxcars.  I would like to confirm
> this.>>>
> Lon:
> They aren't listed in the ORER I think they are in the Pass. equip. book.
> Someone here may have a copy.

The passenger car guide has a listing for X42s as PC 8590-8599 (PRR 
2540-2549). So there must have been only ten of these cars. They were built 
in 1950 and were 63' long. It doesn't say, though, how many of the cars 
were renumbered or if any were repainted.


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