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PC: PRR X-42 Boxcars...

   I recently seen a picture taken in 1975 of an ex-PRR X-42 boxcar, still 
in PRR paint in the "shadow-keystone" scheme.  If you haven't seen an X-42 
before, it looks like someone grafted two 40' boxcars together end-to-end.  
The car must be at least 70' long.  What I want to know is how many of these 
cars made it to PC and if any were painted PC green.  Also, the picture I 
seen is not the best, but it looks like the car rides on high-speed express 
trucks like the ones used on several REA boxcars.  I would like to confirm 
this.  Were these cars perhaps used as head-end cars on passenger trains by 
the PRR?  Any other information on these cars is appreciated...

                                                   -Gregg B.

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