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PC: Question About PC Boxcar Painting Practices

Dear List Members,

I am planning on building an HO-scale model of PC 267210, a Despatch
shops-built double door boxcar (NYC lot 864-B) pictured on p. 50 of the
Morning Sun PC Color Guide. The car was reweighed and repainted PC by shop
"73" [Beech Grove?] in 9-71. I would like to solicit opinions on the

1) Was it common practice for PC to paint the entire roof on
rebuilt/refurbrished boxcars PC green in the late 1971 timeframe? Or did
they only paint the edges and the end of the running board, and leave the
rest of the roof unpainted?

2) Did PC paint boxcar underframes on rebuilt/refurbrished boxcars PC green
or black?

I realize that there is probably no definitive info available on these
questions, as the various PC shops had their own way of doing things. I
would like to hear any opinions that you might have.

Thanks for the help!

Mark T. Evans
Anaheim, CA

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