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Re: PC: Re: Two things

It seems that PC is *finally* gettting its due. BTW, did anyone notice that 
the PCRRHS is now listed on trains.com?

--Chris Osterhus

> > Hey! Anybody out there? You all have been way too quiet lately...makes 
> > wonder if my list server still is running...
> >
>Hi Jerry and all!
>     A question for PC passenger modelers...what do you think of the new
>Walthers PC passenger cars?    The 52 seat coach and diner are PC
>prototypes.  The crew dorm was a NYC car assigned PC numbers but not sure 
>ever painted PC.  Anybody know the answer?
>     Just learned that Walthers is doing the PC (ex PRR) Parlor Club Cars.
>This is one of my favorite PC cars.  I remember these in NE corridor trains
>of the 70's.   Check out Walthers web site and search for item # 932-6435
>for a photo of the model.
>     The only fault I find with all the PC cars is the angle of the 
>and logos being a little too sharp.   Anyone else notice this?
>     I'm pleasantly surprised that Walthers chose to offer PC as many other
>"more popular" roads are not offered.

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