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PC: Re: Two things

Jerry wrote:

> Hey! Anybody out there? You all have been way too quiet lately...makes me
> wonder if my list server still is running...
Hi Jerry and all!
    A question for PC passenger modelers...what do you think of the new
Walthers PC passenger cars?    The 52 seat coach and diner are PC
prototypes.  The crew dorm was a NYC car assigned PC numbers but not sure if
ever painted PC.  Anybody know the answer?
    Just learned that Walthers is doing the PC (ex PRR) Parlor Club Cars.
This is one of my favorite PC cars.  I remember these in NE corridor trains
of the 70's.   Check out Walthers web site and search for item # 932-6435
for a photo of the model.
    The only fault I find with all the PC cars is the angle of the lettering
and logos being a little too sharp.   Anyone else notice this?
    I'm pleasantly surprised that Walthers chose to offer PC as many other
"more popular" roads are not offered.


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