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PC: 2004 Penn Central Convention/Altoona

  Hey PC fans.......

     Well I have decided take on being the host of the 2004 PC
Convention. And Altoona is a great place to have it. But let me tell you
2004 will be the 150th anniversary of the opening of Horseshoe Curve,an
historic event. And Altoona plus Penn Central equals big time
railroading. Our Society should be there. 
     150 years of railroading. This is the big one.
I've been talking with Chip Syme of the Society,
and some folks from the PRRT&HS (that's right,closet Penn Central fans
in hiding), about this Penn Central Convention in Altoona in 2004.
     Who I'm I? I grew up in Philadelphia on the "Red Team" side of
PRR/Penn Central Railroad. I saw electric locomotives every day. First
time to Altoona was in 1975 as a teenager. And the rest is history. 
    It's still a year and a half away but I want to do this right. If
you have any suggestions (slide shows,movies,wet T-shirt contest) for
the meet in 2004, let me know on or off list. Best Regards,

Dave Hopson

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