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RE: PC: NYC Flexi-Van

   This was an ex-NYC van and the old reporting marks were the standard 
black lettering on a yellow background.  The POCU reporting marks were 
standard PC-type... white letters on a green background.  It still was 
strange that there were 2 sets of reporting marks.  The original NYCU marks 
were not covered up or painted out.   I still would like to see that picture 
of yours.  By 1973, most of the Flexi-Vans were history.  I believe by 1974, 
all were gone.


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>Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 13:51:06 -0500
>I have a slide showing PC 5956 switching loaded Flexi-Van flats in Chicago
>during 1973.  The first Flexi-Van container is a pure Pennsy side-door van
>with "POCU" reporting marks in red lettering on a white background.  It's
>possible that the "POCU" reporting marks weren't utilized until the mid
>1970's and therefore wouldn't be listed in 1970 registers.
>Mark B.
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>The marks "POCU" do not exist in the Feb 1970 Intermodal Register.  I don't
>have any later editions to check.
>"Steffan Forbes" <steffanf -AT- hotmail.com> wrote:
> >
> >   A business nearby is clearing out it's storage yard.  Out in back,
> >several things were moved around, appeared a few gounded trailers.  At
> >I thought they were all trailers.  One of the "trailers" was actually a
> >Flexi-Van, still mainly intact with reporting marks on the front and 
> >as well as NYC ovals intact on the back doors.  The intact small stickers
> >that said "FLEXI-VAN" were still near perfect on the sides just above the
> >"STRICK" name.  This was one of the mail flexi-vans with a side door on
> >side of the container.  The main point of interest on this container is
> >the reporting marks.  The NYC marks were just NYCU, typical for the NYC.
> >However, there were some PC reporting marks added (green sticker with
> >numbers) added above the original NYC reporting marks.  The marks were
> >  I never heard of those reporting marks and would like to know haw many
> >vans got those marks.  And... I checked several times... the marks were
> >indeed POCU.
> >                                             -Gregg B.
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