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PC: NYC Flexi-Van

   A business nearby is clearing out it's storage yard.  Out in back, after 
several things were moved around, appeared a few gounded trailers.  At least 
I thought they were all trailers.  One of the "trailers" was actually a NYC 
Flexi-Van, still mainly intact with reporting marks on the front and sides 
as well as NYC ovals intact on the back doors.  The intact small stickers 
that said "FLEXI-VAN" were still near perfect on the sides just above the 
"STRICK" name.  This was one of the mail flexi-vans with a side door on one 
side of the container.  The main point of interest on this container is with 
the reporting marks.  The NYC marks were just NYCU, typical for the NYC.  
However, there were some PC reporting marks added (green sticker with white 
numbers) added above the original NYC reporting marks.  The marks were POCU. 
  I never heard of those reporting marks and would like to know haw many 
vans got those marks.  And... I checked several times... the marks were 
indeed POCU.
                                             -Gregg B.

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