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Re: PC: Green PC Geep in Columbus?

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From: Jerry Jordak <jer -AT- smellycat.com>
>Can any of you with larger PC slide collections check 
and see if there is 
>any photographic proof of a green PC 7218 out there? 
I'm truly baffled on 
>this one, as I figured if PC had any green engines, 
*everyone* would know 
>about them.
I am VERY skeptical about this. I suppose it's 
possible, but it's far more likely that the photo 
color has altered over time, or the person doesn't 
actually have the photo on hand, and he's relying on a 
faulty memory.

Claims like this pop up from time to time, and if you 
press them, they usually prove false. (Or at least 
don't show any positive proof.) A couple of years ago, 
a guy on the model railroad newsgroup swore up, down 
and sideways that Amtrak has Genesis B units. He was 
quite insistent, so I humored him. I did a thorough 
web search, and asked on a couple of newsgroups. No B 
units. When I asked him why there's no evidence, the 
best he could come up with was that his friend swears 
he saw one.

So, unless there's clear proof, I'm doubting it.

Peter King

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