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PC: Penn Central items for sale

Hi gang,
Here is some new PC stuff for sale. You may reference the number
when you order. There's some really good stuff on here (at least I think
so). I hope you find something new for your collection! Prices do not
include shipping.

Please respond off list to gary -AT- mssinc.com


1. Penn Central police badge- #933 New Jersey patrolman. This badge has lugs
on the back for mounting to the officer's uniform. Good condition overall,
showing a fair amount of wear. $80

2. Penn Central police badge- #413 New York patrolman. Has lugs on the back
for mounting to the officer's uniform. Good condition, showing minor wear.

3. PC ADLAKE KERO lantern. Brand new- never fired. EXCELLENT, near mint
condition. Minor surface rust on 1 side of the handle (about 2 inches) Clear
globe. $70

4.   PC teaspoon. PC silverware doesn't come up too often, mainly because
they only ran long-distance passenger trains from 1968-71. The spoon is made
International Silver in the "Broadway" pattern. PC logo is on the handle,
embossed into the metal. Very good condition. $18

5. "Potluck PC"- I just got a new shipment of PC forms and envelopes, none
of which I have ever seen before. Included will be various interesting PC
forms, big & small, several interesting envelopes (NYC & PRR included as
well). Also 4 coasters (paper) from the Penn Central Mutual Benefits
Association & several public timetables.  Usually whatever I can find that's

6. PC POST employee magazine- all in good condition. $2 each. I have the
following issues available:
1969- Sept
1970- July/Aug, Oct, Dec.
1971- Oct, Nov/Dec.
1972- May, Aug/Sept-(Special Flood issue- $4)
1973- March, Oct/Nov, Dec
1974- March, April, May
1975- Jan, Feb/Mar, April
1976- March (last issue)

7. PC Galvanized tin can. Ex- NYC style water can with pull-out wide mouth
lid. Oval shaped 8.5x 11.5 inches with a flat top, a large top handle, and
an angled spout. I spent YEARS looking for one of these for my collection
(there are lots of them marked NYC, but VERY FEW marked PC). This is a rare
can in good condition, except for the fact that the lid is missing. A lid
could easily be obtained from an NYC can however. $20 (if this had a lid, it
would be a $35-40 can).

8. PC elastic leg bands. Black with yellow PC name/logo & WORK SAFELY-
WATCH YOUR STEP on them. $6 for a pair.

9. PC elastic leg bands. Green with light white markings PC logo & "SAFETY
FIRST". $5 a pair.

10. PC Eastern Region Employee timetable number 8. Excellent condition. No
general orders. $3

Now a few Conrail items:

11. Conrail travel alarm clock (quartz). Has CR name & logo, as well as the
letters "EDI" are on the front of this square vinyl clock with gold metal
corners. Tri-folds
flat for storage. An interesting piece- probably an award or promotion of
some type. Clock needs a new battery. $15

12. Orange Starlite 222 battery lantern. No railroad markings, but it has a
hand- lettered sticker on it that says "Amtrak/ Conrail 1980". Still has the
battery in it & still works (barely- I think the battery is about dead). $4

13. CR Safety Rules- Blue cover w/ white lettering. These are for MOW &
Structures Employes. 2 Different styles (1 is from 1976 & the other is from
1978) $4 for the pair.

14. Conrail "Safety First" elastic leg bands. White w/ black lettering. $4
for a pair.

15. 20 page booklet recounting a speech given by L. Stanley Crane at
Syracuse NY April 7th 1983. Green cover w/ Conrail name & logo on the front.
Interesting to read the lecture that Mr. Crane delivered. Also included: A
Conrail employee counseling booklet. Both booklets $3.50

End of list

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