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Re: PC: Re: PC Flanger

On the subject of photographs, do you think anyone on the message board might 
want an aerial photo of the Alfred Perlman yards at Selkirk, NY, built 
between 1966 and 1968?
it's my understanding that it was the first of the 'electronic' yards.
My father was in charge of that construction...so he left the framed photo 
when he died in 1971, while he was then in charge of the Penn Central's part 
of the Welland Canal expansion project.  Anyway, I hate to just throw away 
this photo if someone might want it, for price of shipping, it is framed, 
thus heavy.  But maybe someone lives in FL, or is coming here during the 
winter and could just pick it up?  I live in Broward County.
Diana Bristow

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