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PC: Re: PC Flanger

The piece of equipment is slowly rotting away but
still visible in a junk yard just west of the
Lancaster & Northern's interchange w/ ns.  When I shot
it about 10 years ago, I think I found PRR on the
trucks.  Not sure as my notes are in PA and I'm in
Michigan.  Will check when I get back home.

Also there is a sand car still in PC green and full
lettering captive in CR(shared assets) North Yard in
Detroit MI.  Didn't catch the #...was too busy trying
to record it on film as we tested past.

Just recently got a scanner...please forward info as
how to post photos here.

Thank you

Kermit Geary Jr
shooting P.C. in B&W since day 1.
have about 70 o/o of roster.

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